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Submitted on this 75th Anniversary of the silver screen edition of Gone With the Wind: Legendary Hollywood producer David O. Selznick has a problem. He has just
fired the director of Gone with the Wind and the script is in its umpteenth re-write.
He desperately needs a new director and writer. He hand picks his talent and locks
all three of them in his office for five days to hammer out the final version, with bananas and peanuts as their only food. Next problem: the new writer has never read the novel. Witness the making of movie history as three men attempt to act out the scenes
and retain their sanity long enough to get it on film!
Patron seat reservations due by Oct. 1.
Moonlight and Magnolias
Oct. 21-25  7:00 PM  nightly
Cultural Arts Center

Cast Announced


Thank you to all who auditioned!

Ben Hecht ————- Michael Clardy

Victor Fleming —————— Wayne Patterson

David O. Selznick ————- Bill Lipscomb

Miss Poppenghul ————– Meredith Agan